The Best Sites to Photograph in Tampa, Florida

photography in tampa


You are on your way to sunny Florida, one of the most beautiful, tropical places in the world, and of course, you are going to want to take as many pictures as possible on your trip. Or maybe you are a budding photographer and need some places to go and take some quality pictures. Either way, you need some really great spots to go and take some memorable pictures.


You are headed to the sunshine state, but more specifically, you are headed to the amazing Tampa area. A great place, full of giant palm trees and fun sights to see. This is the place that you want to go if you are in the market for finding some quality picture content, it has absolutely everything that you could ever need in your pictures. They have those beautiful palm trees we mentioned, they have gorgeous sunsets and rises, and they tons of things rich with history.


You will not have a hard time at all finding something worthy to put on your camera reel if you ever decide to head out there. The problem though, is that we have a very limited time sometimes and we can’t go to every single spot that we want to get to for our pictures, so we have to go and pick only what we really want. It’s a disappointing fact, but it is something that we just have to do being the smart photographers that we are.


So, how do we choose which places in Tampa, Florida are the best? Well, it’s entirely up to personal preference, we can’t decide for you which one is the best, and we certainly can’t tell you what to do, but what can absolutely do is suggest to you some of our favorite spots to go and take a few pictures at in Tampa.


We do have a lot of places that we ourselves like to head out to whenever we get the chance, and a lot of the time we pick specific times to head out there for the kind of shot that we want. So, you can use this list and analyze just as we do and pick the variations of what you want, go to some places that you want, pick a time, bring whatever equipment you want, etc. Have fun with it really, go with the flow and you won’t have any trouble taking any pictures no matter what place you end up going to.


Before we begin our list and analyze, we just wanted to really quickly say thank you. Thank you very much for taking some time out of your incredibly busy schedule to come by and read through this list. We do sincerely appreciate the effort that you are putting into your craft and admire the way that you are thinking ahead and making sure that you can take the best quality photos that you can, so thank you again very much. So, this is a conveniently compiled list and analysis of all the best sites to photograph in Tampa.

Tampa’s Murals


Tampa is famous for a very certain type of graffiti, murals, lots and lots of murals. They are scattered absolutely everywhere, and they are all so incredibly photographable, they are just stunning. The best part about them though is that there is a lot of them, dozens upon dozens, and they are all right there waiting for you to take their picture.


You may already know, but a lot of these photos are incredibly attractive to Instagram, everyone on there just loves murals and all their amazing art. It makes sense that they take a lot selfies and photos of these murals, and it only makes sense for us to follow in their footsteps and try to get a better picture.


There is a lot of these murals in the downtown Tampa area, so if you take a drive through it you would be hard pressed to miss them, but if you want some specific murals in mind to be on the lookout for as you go out, then we can certainly give you a few.


There is the mural at Kerby’s Nursery, which is just a stunning piece of artwork. There murals and art are all made in the shape of wings but is made up of all the most beautiful flowers that they boast about growing. It’s a symphony of artistic expression and beauty and is completely worth a drive over to go and take a picture of it, or with it if you really want to be like some of the biggest Instagram stars.


The next mural is the City of Tampa Mural, this is really the epitome of the murals you can find out there, it is really just so nostalgic to look at. There is a ton of different ways and such that you can take these amazing murals picture, and there are dozens of different times that you can do it, giving you plenty of different variations and options that haven’t yet been explored by other photographers. So, no matter how many times this amazing piece of art gets its picture taken, it can always have a new best angle.

Busch Gardens


The next place that is on your list just exudes the word cool. This is a theme park collaboration of high-speed roller coasters and daring wildlife, so it only makes sense to go and take a few pictures if you ever get the chance to go in and find some really memorable shots. All you have to do is find any roller coaster in the park, anyone of them, find some good lighting, get a good focus, and then just take the shot, easy as that.


The roller coasters are amazing to take a picture of, btu there is also quite a bit of other things that you can take a picture of as well. Busch Gardens has a ton of fascinating architecture, making every wall, arch, and door just the perfect things to take a picture of when you are on your big trip to Miami.


The nature surrounding the park is also incredibly well done, by nature that is, and it is incredible to go and take a few shots of that as well. The trees that just border the rides are such an interesting dynamic, and the way the shade and the lighting hit everything just makes it a waterfall of good picture taking, again it’s really not going to be hard at all to find a good shot to take in a place like this.

Florida State Fairgrounds


Let’s stick with the theme park aspect shall we, the next on our list is the Florida state fairgrounds, and my personal favorite place to go when I want to take some stunning pictures. There is a ton of things that you can take a picture at this place, they have everything from the carnival kind of feel, to the soothing ponds that it sits next to.


Speaking of a carnival kind of feeling, the major attraction, in photography standards that is, is the giant Ferris wheel, there main attraction. This amazing centerpiece is just amazing to take a picture of, especially if you stick to the one-one rule. One hour after sunrise, and one hour before sunset if you didn’t know, it gives photographers the best natural lighting.


Though you don’t have to stick to that particular rule if you want to get some amazing shots, this Ferris wheel is just great, and can take a lot form photos, every picture looks at least decent with this behemoth in it. So, don’t be shy, make sure you go down and take a picture of the great Ferris wheel some time soon, because it is truly a wonder to look at, especially in any sort of photo you may be taking on your trip.

Davis Islands Seaplane Basin Park


Let’s get of the rides for now, and head into a more relaxed place to take some elegant photos. The Davis Islands Seaplane Basin Park is absolutely phenomenal in the way it presents itself, the park is completely flat, so everything is in spectacular 360 view, and its next to its giant lake of a neighbor, which is another spectacular place to take a photo if you have the time.


You could spend all day here and not find every single way to take a perfect shot, there is just such untapped potential within this park and it is astounding that we haven’t already tried it ourselves. The nature, the friends and family, and anything else you can include in the photo would look great, they would all be in the best background setting in Tampa tanks to this amazing park.

The Tampa Theatre


The last place on our list is a nostalgic, classic doozy that can really befuddle the mind. This absolutely gorgeous building is a fantastic place to take any sort of photo. You can get some really classic, 30’s and 40’s shots, you can get some really creepy shots if you want to, you can even get really romantic shots as well, as Instagram has proven as of late.  I didn’t even know about this place till I did a Google search and they only came up in the search results due to seo services Tampa.


Whatever kind of photo you would be taking at this place, there is a lot you will be challenged in, mostly in your decisiveness, because there is just so many ways that you can take the Tampa Theatre photo. I know I have been challenged by the historic building plenty of times, and it really doesn’t get any easier each time I go, it’s just such a spectacular muse, it keeps wanting me to take a different picture each time and to find the best way to do it.


If you are going to be taking a trip out to Tampa any time soon, then really don’t hesitate to come by this place and snap a few shots. Your group is all going to look great, family, friends, spouses, whatever, they will all look incredible with this as their background. Also, to say the least, if you are going out on a solo mission, then the building alone is going to look amazing all by itself.


The Conclusion


We have talked about a lot of the picture-perfect places in Tampa today, we talked about theme parks, and fairgrounds, and murals, and regular parks, and old beautiful theatres, a really wide selection from you to choose from in your photographing journey. There is a lot of potential in all of these places and they are all absolutely great to take a look at and even better to take a picture of, mostly because the nature surrounding everything and the aesthetic that they all just seem to have, most likely because everything on this list is fairly old.


We do really hope that you were able to find a place to go take some pictures of at Tampa, and if not, we do sincerely hope that you were at the very least where able to find some inspiration on your own and where able to find a good place to take some pictures all by yourself. We do again, really hope that we were able to help you out a little bit, and really hope that we didn’t waste your time at all with what you needed to find.


So, thank you very much, again, for taking some time out of your incredibly busy schedule to come by and read through this list and analysis of all the best places to take a picture in Tampa. We really do appreciate it when you take the time to have a little bit of forethought and effort into your pictures instead of just snapping wildly at random. Though that of course can make for some quite good shots as well. Thank you very much for coming by, we hope that this was educational, fun, and helpful to you in every single way that matters. this was the best sites to photograph in Tampa.