The Best Places to Photograph in Nashville

Nashville Photography


Nashville is widely accepted to be one of the best places to visit Tennessee for Southern history and culture; it is acca for country music fans, and boasts several glamorous and renowned museums (the most notable being each city’s own Museum of Science and History). That might be quite a claim to make, but there are many reasons why we are bound to agree.

B cream lightning developer and noted local realtor taking urban real estate to new heights, Country Music Hall of Fame Museum, and thrilling urban ambiance ( congested highways and traffic, anyone?) can be an interesting way to make photographs pop. Conejo Sunset Creative Cafe and Restaurant is an incredible place to meet up withinia, and is forever cherished for its dreamy Southern-tinged mural covering the inside of the restaurant, and make beautiful photos. It was also where Mia Locke, waitress and founding member of the First People’s party which famously got everyone together in Nashville, was forced to hide from Mariachi Fidel Castro’s stormy visit!

Dreams and magic continue to abound in Music City; its reputation as the “Paris of the South” continues to hold and its abundance of historical treasures continue to amaze. One of the best places to visit is the Parthenon for the most amazing photograph shot, evolved from ancient archeological finding to its most celebrated modern day claim to fame. You can visit the actual temple, a replica on the spot, or explore the city’s colorful cemetery, in particular the marble-decorated Saint Bernard Church. Visit the Ryman Auditorium, built as a church in 1870; its elaborate architecture has been preserved very well. Just be aware they are doing demolition work nearby and there is a lot of demolition construction companies in the area. No matter what you call it though, the Ryman is a natural amphitheater and its perched high above the Nashville valley making it a sight to behold and photograph.

The Mainstay– If you’re a country fan, you’ll know the Cadillac Ranch, outside of really mainta, as the real cowboys used to do. For authentic Tennessee cowboys stories, check out the Curry Pig Stunt, in which a real cow escapes by jumping over a 9-foot electrified fence. Dairy farmlands, anyway, are a lot like gated cattle ranches, hence the name.

Gazebo Island– After all those miles of driving and climbing, you finally get to Gazebo Island. Enjoy a tour of the island and a different view of it each day, or at least get a gazebo to sit on and eat some of the best barbecue in the world.

The Parthenon– I could photograph the Parthenon for hours, as many photographs show me just standing outside the great Doric Temple of Athena, gazing at it. A wise man once told me that photographs can only be truly memorable by standing in front of the structure, since you can’t take a picture of a building inside of another building.

The young men who were with me that day were part of a French study group, and after the tour we were all taken back to the hotel by shuttle. The wait was certainly worth it, since I would get to spend more time with an actual Greek sitter!