How to Photograph the Interior of a Car

How to Photograph the Interior of a Car
So, you are either a professional photographer or a doing photography for a hobby, and either way you want to be able to take a picture of the interior of your car. To say the least, with a little forethought, a little planning, and a tiny bit of patience, you should be able to do this no problem. It’s even better because you came to research how to do this, which shows commitment, and it shows that your smart.
Instead of going taking pictures willy nilly, you came to see how to do it a better way, a way that will really show of the interior of your car, and show off how amazing of a photographer you are. Especially, if you’ve been hired for the photography for a pre purchase inspection. So, thank you for taking some time out of your very busy schedule in order to come by and learn a few new skills, and how to improve on the skills you already have.
There are a few things that you have to understand before we start this. Taking photos of any kind of interior, especially a car, can be kind of difficult. Mainly because you are in complete and total control over the environment. There’s no scenic background to take advantage of, there’s no natural lighting, it all has to be artificial, and it will be difficult to maneuver in such a way that lets you get that one amazing shot.
So, that itty bitty little bit of patience that we mentioned a few seconds ago, should be addressed again. You are probably going to have to do things that you weren’t originally intending, and whatever you do decide to do, you are going to have kind of a difficult time.
The lighting and the angles of the shots are going to be your biggest enemy at the moment. All lighting that you want to have in the interior of your car has to be mostly artificial. Sometimes, you can use natural lighting and have it stream into the car, but most of the time, that leaves shadows that you might not want to have. Your also going to have to go and play some twister while your in the car, you have to move over seats, duck down and such, in order to get your shot, all while not damaging the vehicle, because trust me, nobody wants that.
So patience is a big one for this kind of project, so really just try to keep it in mind, and you’ll be able to calmly get the shot you want. The next thing, might be a little bit more out of your control.
Your equipment, might be a blessing, it might be something that you like enough that it’s not too terrible, or its camera equipment that you absolutely despise and wish that you never had to deal with in the first place, but had to keep because you couldn’t afford anything else.
If you love your equipment, or simply think it’ll do, then you are all set, and ready to start taking those pictures, right after you finish this of course. If your camera equipment isn’t that great, then your going to have to really just either deal with it and accept what you have, or go find an alternative.
If your camera is really bad, and you need to find a replacement, than we can go a quick run down of two different ways you can still get your pictures. Option one is extremely simple, simply use the one you have in your pocket. If you didn’t know, most smart phones of the modern era have a camera attached to it. You may be thinking to yourself though, “But isn’t a proper camera, better than some little camera phone?” The answer to that my friend is a resounding yes. Yes most cameras are better than a smart phone of today, but not when they are broken or unacceptable in some capacity.
If your really in doubt about that one, then you can do a really quick test. Go and take a really quick picture of the same scene or object. Upload them to your usual computer and just look to see the difference in quality, if the camera is a better quality picture, than use that, if your phone is a better quality picture, than use that one. Simple as peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
The next thing you can do if your camera isn’t that great of quality is to use same ones else’s camera. If you happen to know somebody with a camera available, then you can go and ask to see if they’ll let you borrow there’s for a bit. If they don’t have a camera, and you don’t have anything, you can also go and check to see if they would let you use their phone. Again, because most smart phones of the modern day have really great quality cameras on them.
So, now that we’ve got the warnings out of the way, and have given you the basic advice on how to take some pictures of the interior of your car, we can move onto how you actually do take those photos. Luckily it’s not that difficult, you have to just stick to the basic principles of photography, but adapt them in order to maneuver around the small interior of a car. So, let’s not waste anymore time, we can go and dive right into the actual meat of this analyze. So, for your convenience and pleasure, here is a deep dive analysis and list on how to photograph the interior of a car.

The Lighting Is Everything

So, as we said before like a dozens times, the lighting is extremely important, it’s what dictates the mood of the scene, it’s what conveys the message, the nuance of the story that you want to tell in a single shot. So, to say the least, again, the lighting is extremely important and it’s something that you need to think about heavily before you start taking your shots. Which is something that have probably already thinking about, and is probably one of the reasons your here.
Anyway, again, like we said before, this type of photo taking has the same principles of photography as any other situation does. So, you shouldn’t have to much of a hard time keeping to these ideas, as they are ones that you work with as you always do when you take any other kind of picture in your day to day professional photographer or not life.
So, as you know, there are basically, two types of lighting when you are working with photos. There is Natural lighting, which is considered to be the best kind of lighting by a lot of people. There is also artificial lighting, which a. Lot of people consider annoying to set up, but amazing when you use it in practice. So, both really good options, and they both have there strengths, but for taking a few pictures of the interior of your car, your probably going to have to stick to artificial lighting, that is of course unless you have a convertible.
So the best approach to this kind of thing is to use a more individual lights, but smaller ones. Like instead of giant street lamp level lighting, were going to be using smaller more lamp like lights. Have the interior of your car set up with the lights, but make sure that they stay out of the shot, and make sure that yo having something to bounce that lighting off to make it softer. If you don’t have anything to bounce it off of, then you can try and use the car.
Lastly, you can use the interior lights that come installed inside the car, but that depends on what kind of shot you want to have. The interior lights of a car at don’t that great, so make sure that you don’t rely on them for actual lighting.

The Angle Is Second To Nothing

The lighting of the scene is extremely important and you really shouldn’t sacrifice it for any other kind of element in your shot, that is unless of course you absolutely need to to make the shot look decent. The angle on the other of the spectrum, is just great to have and you need to keep that in mind just as much as the lighting, but to be honest, it’s not quite as important as the lighting. The lighting can stay the same in any shot and look amazing, but the angle needs to change with each shot, so if one doesn’t work, just move onto the next one.
Now, the best way to get the right angle is to simply eyeball it. You get in the car, yo move that camera around and you use that incredible eye of yours to see whether or not that shot is going to work for you, if it doesn’t, you just keep on moving, if it does, then you just take the shot.
The problem with this though is that as we said before, the angle can be a little more challenging to get in the interior of a car, in comparison to something with a little more elbow room that is. What you have to do here, is again, just feel around, move around, see what works, if you can get it, then your good, if you can’t then just keep going till you do.
The tricky part with this is that you have to move around and find your angle without damaging the car. You don’t want to have your shoes go and stuff some of the leather or anything, that wouldn’t be great, especially if you don’t own the car. So, it’s just something to keep in mind, be careful as you make your way through the interior, but feel around well to find that good angle that you need for your shot.

The Dynamics Are Just As Good

Lastly, you need to focus on the dynamics of your shot, how are you going to make it interesting? There really isn’t to much to this one, so it shouldn’t take to long to explain, and it won’t be hard for you to understand these concepts. All you really need to do for the dynamics, is to have an interesting thing in front of you, and an interesting thing behind the thing that’s in front of you. Foreground and background it’s how you make the shot dynamic, with some of the basics.
You can also use the lighting and the angle as a way to keep it dynamic, you can use it to keep it interesting. This won’t be hard again, all you have to use for this kind of thing, is to use your eye, if it looks good, then your good to go. If your a professional photographer, then even better as you have some experience with this kind of thing.

The Conclusion

So, that was everything that we know on how to take a picture of the interior of a car. Hopefully it was something that didn’t bore you to death, hopefully it was something that you enjoyed reading and learning a little bit about as you went along with us. Thank you for taking some time out of your busy schedule to do this, and thank you so much for trying to get better at your craft.
A quick little recap of what talked about today is really going to help all this is to stick in your amazing mind. The first thing that we talked about above all else is patience. Have patience in what you are doing and you won’t have any trouble doing what needs to be done in order for you to get your amazing shot.
We talked about lighting, how ti affects the shot, the two difference between the two, and how to use it to your advantage in your amazing day to day life, and for the interior of the car. We talked about dynamic shots and how to make them more interesting. We talked about angles as well, and how to find the best shot for your photos. So, thank you again for taking your time to read this, this was how to photography eh interior of your car.