Tip number 1. Location for shooting Designers try and invent intricate installations to our delight. Let's use it. We leave for the most beautiful places of the city. In Moscow…

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Consequently, a is a type of casino which implements
Over the ten years of work in the photography market, we have done a lot: we invented the Day of the Photographer holiday, helped create the family photo market, organized…

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"Photoshop": cut the object and paste
Selecting an object in Photoshop In "Photoshop" there is a whole group of selection tools. Under any object, you can choose one or another tool with which the most accurate…

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How to make a contour in Photoshop?

Contour in Photoshop
Creating a contour in Photoshop (or silhouette) is easy. It is necessary only to be able to select an object and know what to do next. This lesson will help you understand what you need to click so that the silhouette of the selected object appears in the graphic editor.

First you need to open in Photoshop image, which depicts a particular subject. In our case, it will be a heart. It is his outline that we will try to transfer to another photo. There is nothing complicated about this, which you will soon see.

Now you need to select the object. If this were a man, then the Magnetic Lasso tool would have to be used. But with the person we will carry out this operation later. Now we have a simple image of a heart. It is much easier to select. It is enough to use the Quick Selection tool. Adjust the size of the brush, then start clicking on the shape. And so on until the dotted line runs along the contour of the object. If you accidentally select an extra area, then click on it while holding the Alt key.

How to create a contour of the image of Photoshop?
But we had previously wondered how to create a contour of the image in Photoshop and in the meantime, instead of a contour, we have only a selection. In the case of a person, it will also not be very clear. How to clarify the edges of the selection – you should already know from our past lessons. If you have no such knowledge, then we will tell about this function of Photoshop later. In this case, the selection should go perfectly, with the edges do not need to work.

With the object selected, go to the Layers panel. There is now created only one layer, which has the name “Background”. Create a new layer using the corresponding button at the bottom of this panel. Active will instantly become a new layer. But note: the selection has been preserved!

Now pay attention to the left part of the working window of Adobe Photoshop. Almost at the very bottom there are two small squares painted in different colors. You should be interested in the left square. Click on it with the left mouse button. You will be given a palette of colors. If you are going to create a standard black silhouette, then choose the color black. If you want to paint the silhouette in a different color, now is the time to choose it. But do not forget that at any time you can change the color.

In our case, the color red was selected. Next, you need to go to the “Fill” tool. After that, it remains only to click on the selected area with the left mouse button. All this area will immediately turn to the selected color. Now you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C to copy this outline. Note that this layer will be copied, the background will remain intact.

Open another photo. Press Ctrl + V. Here you will create a silhouette appears in the photo. To position it, use the Move tool. To resize, go to the free transform mode. This is done by selecting a tool from the “Selection” group and clicking the silhouette with the right mouse button. In the context menu, you will quickly notice the desired item. Change the size while holding the Shift key, this will preserve the proportions of the image. To change the color of the silhouette, use the Fill tool again.

The outline of the picture in Photoshop
But the outline of the picture in Photoshop can be created in another way. Let’s go back to the moment when we singled out a heart. A new layer has not been created yet. Recall that we did this in the Layers panel. Now a separate menu will be used to create the layer.

When the item is selected, go to Layers> New Fill Layer> Color. Next you will be given the familiar color palette. Choose one or another color, after which the entire selected area will be filled with it. Fill will be on a new layer. We repeated the operation described earlier, but in a different way. Adobe Photoshop graphics editor is so good that it allows you to achieve the same result with the help of different actions.

If you repeated the actions after us, then you already guessed that the silhouette can be painted not only in any color. Once again, go to the “Layers> New Fill Layer” path. In the pop-up context menu there are items “Gradient” and “Pattern”. They act the same way, only now you will be given a choice of gradients and patterns. You can even create a gradient from scratch.

How to select a contour in Photoshop?
Creating silhouettes of unpretentious objects does not cause any difficulties. Another thing – the creation of the contour of man. Some novice users even ask a simpler question: how to select a contour in Photoshop, if it’s a human? The Quick Selection tool will no longer cope with this task. Or you will suffer with it for a very long time.

Open the photo that shows the person. It is desirable that he was photographed almost to his full height, so in the silhouette you can accurately recognize a man or a woman.

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