Tsarist Russia in colors: how Prokudin-Gorsky created color photographs more than 100 years ago
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16 of the most expensive photos in the world COST MORE THAN $ 1 000 000
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Advice from a professional animal photographer:
“If the photographer is not a handler and a cynologist in one person, then he will certainly need help. You do not have time to put, put, land and, like lightning, run away 3 meters from the model in order to make a shot. You need to contact handlers and assistants if you need to shoot exterior shooting. This is not an extra cost. ”

Animal activity contributes to frequent changes of angles and body positions. That is why you need to take pictures of them quickly, trying to make the maximum number of frames per minute. Looking at and evaluating the next picture, testing the pet’s patience, is absolutely meaningless. You just won’t have time for this.

Fast autofocus and fast shutter speed
This setting is needed for shooting animals in motion. Initially, you can configure the camera focus mode in continuous tracking. In this mode, the autofocus motor is active all the time.
A short shutter speed is necessary for good exposure (this rule does not apply only to shooting animals). Suppose you are taking pictures outside in sunny weather, then there will be no difficulty with a short shutter speed, but if it is dark or overcast outside, then you need to increase the ISO. to compensate for the lack of light. There is another option – try switching the camera to shutter priority mode, and set the value to 1/500.

The RAW-format is very useful for working with animals of dark color, especially if we are talking about fluffy four-legs.

In some cases, it is better to photograph an animal by lowering the camera to the level of its eyes. This will add an unusual perspective to your image.

Taking pictures of animals at the level of their eyes is obtained from lying on the floor. From this perspective, you will have an unusual perspective – you will see new details, texture, which may not be remarkable at first glance. If you remove the animal from a height of human growth, the back will predominantly appear in the frame, the paws will be shortened. As a result, you distort the proportions of the animal.

Comrade help
For lively interesting pictures, it is important to cheer up the animals so that he does not run away from the camera at the first opportunity. Ask someone to play with the beast or correct its position in space in the game format.

Weather and location
In sunny weather, shooting is quite problematic – bright black shadows may appear that will ruin your photo. It’s worth taking pictures against the sun, only when you want to capture the silhouette of an animal, for example.

Try to look for a background for shooting not near the motley vegetation, or place the animal a few meters from bushes and trees. And the prospect will turn out better, and the four-legged friend will not be distracted.

If you decide to shoot a stand, and the animal stands on its own, only at the ring box with help, you get into the frame. In this case, you need to think about your clothes. If the dog is light-colored, your clothes should be dark so that the animal does not merge against the background of your things. It is better to pick up clothes of natural shades, for example, brown scale.

Willingness number 1
Keep the camera always with you. The opportunity to take a great picture can appear at any time. Your task is to always keep the main tool charged and fully tuned to work. These are the basic rules for shooting animals. Practice more contact with them and discover your secrets of the perfect photo!

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