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Learning man and dance
Ask the dancer to send a couple of videos of his performances, his repertoire, and it is better to watch live, if possible. Next, select for yourself freeze-frames, in which, as you think, the most successful moments, and coordinate with the dancer the possibility of their performance.

More than five elements are not worth taking. Among them, select the main, and it must be thoroughly thought out.
When you are clear the elements that you will shoot, proceed to the choice of clothing. To do this, ask to send pictures of a person in it and select the most suitable for shooting. Keep in mind that concert outfits cost a lot of money, sometimes they are not the property of a dancer, so you need to be prepared for financial expenses. For example, if you shoot a ballerina on the street, then most likely after shooting the pointe shoes will no longer be suitable for further use.

Location for shooting
The place is selected under the person, under the plot that you want to show, under the general idea of ​​the work. If the dancer is very textured, he has excellent flexibility, plastic, he owns sophisticated technicians, the abundance of clothes will make it worse, and vice versa. Remember, the simpler the backdrop, the clothes, the more attention will be paid to the dancer and what he does, and, accordingly, the requirements for your skills and work with light increase.

I do not advise to use for filming places with devastation, dirt and poor light. There is an opinion among inexperienced photographers that such places, on the contrary, emphasize the beauty of the model, as if by contrast. I think that this is not the case; dance is the language spoken by the person, and he speaks about the beautiful, but by placing a beautiful diamond on a rusty ring, you spoil the overall impression of the product, and a healthy person will not use it anymore.

Shooting process
Make sure that there is music that a person dances to, during your work with him, there are no extra people, only helpers you need, and everyone, even make-up stylists, should be left behind the door so that they don’t bring their own good intentions .

Check your work after each take, do not be lazy to increase and check the sharpness, composition, lack of lubrication, etc.

Repeat duplicates until you succeed, the dancers are strong people, they know how to overcome pain and fatigue, they need a quality result, pity is not the place.

Show successful and unsuccessful frames while shooting to a dancer or master who understands this kind of dance. There are a lot of subtleties that only they know and see, so even if it seems to you that you shot a masterpiece, from the point of view of a dance master your picture may be a marriage.

When you transfer the finished work to the customer, it is better to give the pictures you have processed and the entire shooting in the source code (jeeps), because if you are not an expert in dancing, your selection of the best pictures and the overall assessment of the work done will be one-sided could underestimate, and others overestimate. But if you give all the shooting, the dancer will tell you and may ask you to do something that you have rejected. And remember, the work always goes together, and it is also important for the dancer to see themselves from the side!

Doing any work, especially with people of art, remember: even if you shot an absolute masterpiece, it is always a common merit and a common victory, so do not forget to sign at least all the participants of the shooting process and dance masters.

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