5 photo tips for newbies: FROST AND CAMERA
1. Comfort First of all, you need to take care of yourself - warm clothes allow you to think about photography, and not about where to warm yourself. In addition,…

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First photos
The first photo, which has survived to this day, belongs to the French inventor Joseph Niepce. The frame, which he called "View from the Window", he managed to get in…

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How to blur the background in Photoshop?
Unfortunately, conventional compacts and smartphones often do not know how to create beautiful bokeh. This results from the fact that in such devices the matrix of the smaller size is…

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To catch in the lens of the inhabitants of the underwater world, it is not necessary to dive with an aqualung and acquire expensive equipment for shooting in the water. We offer you 10 ways to make it “dry” and at the same time interesting to spend time.

1. Transparent canoe kayak
The Hammacher Schlemmer company produces excellent watercraft, and this double hybrid is one of them. The polymer creates the illusion that the line between you and the underwater world does not exist. If the water is crystal clear, even the bottom is visible. Also, oars are made of transparent material in order not to frighten the fish once again. Ride on this wonderful boat can guests of a number of Caribbean resorts, for example, Cozumel.

2. Boat with a transparent bottom
Not all boats are equally transparent, more precisely, the windows are different. Windows with cruciform lintels in the floor, over which tourists hang in clusters, have long gone out of fashion. The most extensive review capabilities are provided by pleasure boats LOOKER 350, by the way, produced in Russia. The 2 × 3 meter hemisphere is made of durable 15 mm modified acrylic and has a light magnifying effect. The novelty has already been purchased by some coastal resorts. For example, you can comfortably explore the underwater surroundings of Rhodes or coral reefs in Hawaii.

3. Semi-submarine
Roatan Glass Bottom Boat not quite rightly bears the name where there are words about the glass bottom, because the glazing has the side parts of the underwater cabin of this vessel. But this is perhaps even more comfortable – each passenger has his own rectangular window, “live TV”. It is to observe how the outlines of the second largest reef system of the world float by. It is located in the vicinity of the island of Roatan, owned by Honduras.

4. Tunnel in the aquarium
The longest transparent tunnel in the world was built in the Thai Chiang Mai Zoo, more precisely, in its aquarium. Of course, this is not a real ocean, but an artificially created environment. But this disadvantage at the same time turns into pluses: there are a lot of fish, and stingrays, sharks and other monsters the size of a human being habitually swim close to the glass. However, if we set aside the record length, it is better to visit the more modern Sealife Aquarium in Bangkok.

5. Submarine
The expanses of the oceans are increasingly plying tourist submarines. True, they do not have much sense to sail away from the coast, because the brightest forms of life prefer to live in the light. So, in Hawaii, Atlantis submarines circle around 30 meters from the surface of the water over the inhabitants of the reefs – the route is laid so as not to cause them any harm. At the islands of Maui and Waikiki for the sake of preserving the flora and fauna created reefs of artificial origin, and the reefs of Kona Island – real, coral.

6. Individual underwater vehicle
One of the cheapest underwater vehicles – the Triton 1000/3 for three people – costs a little less than two million dollars. But he is capable of 10 hours to be at a depth of 350 meters, while maintaining the atmosphere familiar to passengers in the cabin. The company has already sold 9 Triton devices of different models, five more are on the way. From one of these devices, they saw a giant squid of the architeutis (these monsters grow to 16 meters in length). It is hoped that commercial trips will soon appear in the arsenal of entertainment of tourists of steep hotels. Most likely the first will be Poseidon Undersea Resorts, which should open in Fiji – preliminary reservation of an underwater walk without a date has already begun.

7. Submarine number
The Poseidon and Neptune suites at the Atlantis Hotel in Dubai are not without reason named after the gods of the sea. This is a cozy bridgehead to watch the underwater kingdom. And you can do it right from the bathroom, full of foam. Or from the living room with windows to the floor and a view of the part of the Laguna Ambassador, hidden from everyone’s eyes. It is estimated that 65 thousand marine inhabitants live in it.

8. Bungalow with underwater floor
To the only bungalow of the resort The Manta Resort, drifting on the water, 250 meters from the Tanzanian island of Pemba, guests are brought in a wooden boat. On the roof of the hut, you can sunbathe, and through the windows of the bedroom on the lower floor to spy on the marine inhabitants. In addition to the familiar reef fauna, the rarer fish hang around the house, for example, flute fish, which have already been given the nickname Nick. At night, the lamps installed under the windows attract individuals who are embarrassed to appear in daylight, such as squid and octopus.

9. Restaurant
Outside, the restaurant The Ithaa Undersea looks like a greenhouse, but it is located at a five-meter depth near the island of Rangali in the Maldives. Coral reef dwellers scurry behind durable glass. There is a lot of fish and seafood in the menu, but you have to decide for yourself how correct it is in front of their brethren.

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