Beautiful Places to Photograph in Sacramento

Best Places to Photograph in Sacramento


Your headed to one of the most beautiful places in the world, the very amazing Sacramento. It is one of the greatest looking places in the United States of America, and it would not surprise me if it’s not one of the greatest looking places in the world, because it honestly is.


This is one of my favorite places to visit and I do take the trip around a hundred times every year. It really is one of my favorite places to visit, and I love it because of how beautiful places to go and visit. Hopefully, if you are going to visit this list will help you find the best places, and if you haven’t decided to go yet, then hopefully it will help convince you to take the trip yourself.


You may be wondering though, if there are so many amazing places to check out in Sacramento, then which ones should we check out when we go on our trip? Well, luckily for you, we have here an amazing list of the best places to take an amazing picture.


These places are all amazing and are special and different in their own ways, and they are all worth it to take the trip and drive from your hotel. So, for your convenience and pleasure, here is a conveniently compiled list of al the most beautiful places to photograph in Sacramento.


The Riverfront Promenade


The first on our list is an amazing intro to this list, as it is of course one of the most beautiful places to visit in Sacramento and the world in general. The Riverfront Promenade is this amazing trail or path that goes along the Sacramento River, you can’t miss it because it’s right next to the Tower Bridge.


This is a great place to take as many pictures as you want, and it’s also a very educational place to visit too. AS you walk along the path there are these little plaques that you can read talking about the Sacramento River. So, you can take the pictures and learn something new.


The views are just spectacular, it makes you feel like you’re in a movie as you ride a bike down the path or walk with your camera. My favorite thing, personally, to take a picture of is the ghost trains that are sitting on the track right next to the river. If you want, as long as you are very careful to not hurt yourself, you can hop into one of the cars, just to see what it was like back in the day for people. It’s also a good vantage point for you to take some amazing photographs.


This is personally one of my favorite places to visit when I’m in Sacramento, it’s almost nostalgic at this point. That won’t stop me from going back every time I do visit though, it’s one of the best things about my visits there, a morning walk that really wakes me up with its amazing views.

The Old Sacramento Waterfront


This is another place that is located next to the Sacramento River, which isn’t surprising considering how amazing the darn thing is, and how historic it is to boot. This place has everything that you could really ever want in a photography style industry. It has tons of things to look at, and with plenty of interesting people to fill it makes it some of the best picture-perfect moments that you could ever want.  There is always construction companies in Sacramento on site doing work, so it’s pretty easy to avoid them, but sometimes adding them, their trucks, or their work makes interesting photos.


You can visit one of the many museums and take pictures galore. Looking around the very interesting older pieces that they all have and the historic culture that you would immerse you in is just great. You will have plenty of thing to look forward too when you visit this place.


It also has some of the best fish and chips in the world, in my very experienced opinion that is. It would be a very nice lunch for you to have after a fun day of photography. Getting to take a ton of picks, and then having a classic Sacramento meal is really gonna help you with your mindset and drive to take the best photos that you can while you are in the area.


Lastly, you can visit the river cruise and take a spectacular journey down the Sacramento River. Which is really going to give you the best shots possible, really dynamic photos are gonna be available to you when you take a visit here. It’s especially great, as it, obviously, moves down the river, your gonna have a ton of shots available.


The Capitol Park


Capitol Park is a classic and something that you are really gonna want to visit on your trip, it has such amazing views and things to see that you really don’t want to miss out on. There are again a ton of things that are historic, all of which are very much worth taking a picture of.


The first thing that you are gonna want to visit here is the rose garden. It’s very modest with its décor, small in its area, but it makes use of that small area, with tons of amazing roses. Its small, but abundant décor is great for a photographer since it gives you a plethora of amazing shots that you can take.


The next thing your gonna visit is, as the name says, is the State Capitol, which is amazingly historic and just visually perfect for any photographer. This huge building is great for photographers, especially at either sunset, or sunrise, it makes the due and small animals come out just perfect for your shots.


Speaking of smaller animals, like squirrels and birds, maybe even some deer, will be the perfect thing to take a picture of when you walk around the park. Again, it’s best to visit it early in the morning, it’s not crowded at all, and the wildlife is out and about for you to look at while you search for your next great picture.


The Jensen Botanical Gardens


Now, we just talked about the amazing Rose Garden in The Capitol Park, but the Jensen Botanical Gardens focuses particularly on flowers. There are tons of flowers that all look beautiful, and there are a ton of new ones that they plant every week.


The best time to visit the Jensen Botanical Gardens is in the Spring. All of the plants and flowers are grown back, and it just looks absolutely spectacular to look like. Though if you want to, any of the other seasons are going to be just as amazing. Fall has the most spectacular colors available; the cool weather makes it a great time to visit in the winter, and the summer rain just makes it incredible to take a photo of.


It really is a great place to visit, the variety of flowers and the little animals that are scattered around make it one of the best spots in America for you as a photographer to take tons of amazing pictures. So, definitely be sure to check this place out on your trip to Sacramento.


Lastly, just something for you to know if and when you do visit on your trip to Sacramento, the Jensen Botanical Gardens are open from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM, so it’s opened all the time every day of the week for you to come and take a visit.


The International World Peace Rose Gardens


This is the place to go if you’re in a relationship, it’s very romantic and the best place to have a great time. It is also one of the best places in Sacramento to take some of the most amazing pictures, all of which is going to make your day as a photographer.


The variety of roses that are this place are all amazing, and there are such variety of them, which is just amazing, especially considering the fact that there are only roses in the International World Peace Rose Gardens, which is kind obvious considering its in the name.


It’s also known for one of the best vibes in Sacramento, plenty of friendly people, and lots of other interesting things to take a picture of, besides the roses. You will have a great time here. With all the roses, couples, and fun events happening here, it will be a great for you and your photos. So defiantly check this place out if you ever get the chance on your trip to Sacramento.


The Conclusion


We talked about a ton of great places to visit on your trip to Sacramento, and tons of great things to take a picture of. You will not have any sort of trouble whatsoever to find the best shots at these amazing locations that we provided for you here on this list. Hopefully we’ve given you some good suggestions on what kind of places you should visit, and what you should spend your time on as a photographer.


We talked about a plethora of places to pick from, a lot of them amazing and some of them even better with their fun and interesting things to see, the historic value that each place gives, and the amazing phot opportunities that you can create when you visit each place. So it’s very convenient for you that you have such an amazing list telling exactly what you need to know with all the best places in Sacramento to go and see in order to take the best pictures absolutely possible.


The first place that we introduced to you is the Riverfront Promenade, which is historically amazing and also visually beautiful, what with its enchanting trail and ghosts’ trains. You can take the trip down the trail reading from the plaques and the amazing historical facts that you can learn about the river from. After that, you can, as we said, hop onto one of the cars of the ghost train, as long as you are extremely careful.


The next place that we talked about on this here list is the old Sacramento Waterfront. Which is an amazing hub of fun activity and splendor that will definitely be a great place to check out with some amazing photo opportunities. There are tons of things that you can see and do as you take some amazing shots of the place, giving you plenty of room to stretch your creative muscle in your endeavors.


The next thing that we talked about was the Capitol Park, which was another excellent, amazing, hub of activity that is also full of historically interesting visuals. It’s a place that will help you get the best shots possible with its beautiful views, historic buildings, architecture, and wildlife. It is definitely worth checking out on your visit to Sacramento and is definitely worth the drive to take a ton of amazing pictures for your amazing portfolio and collection’s.


Next, we talked about the Jensen Botanical Gardens and the International World Peace Rose Gardens, which are just delightful with their amazing roses and flowers, and just everything. It is a photographer dream to be taking such amazing pictures in these places, they have so much to offer to any photographer of any sort, in any place. So definitely come on down to check it out and take some of those amazing pictures while your there, again for your amazing collections and portfolios that will help you retain some of your amazing memories of this trip.


Hopefully, this list of the greatest places to take photographs in Sacramento was extremely helpful to you. Hopefully you find some use for it, and maybe it will help you plan your trip a little better than it would have before. There is a ton of beauty in Sacramento and you and your camera lens don’t want to miss a single moment. So head on to the amazing, historic town, take pictures of all your adventures there, and makes some absolutely amazing memories that you can keep by taking those amazing pictures.


A Beginner’s Guide to Landscape Photography

landscape photography


Use a New Color Palette


New palette grading is used to help you under and over highlight and darken areas within tones.


If there are no objects to focus on, make and darken the background with a gradi


The darker your image, the more colors you can see and the better you can adjust your darkening and highlight functions.


Let us look at a couple of examples of this technique used in landscape photography.


These are just two examples of how using a new color palette can sharpen your photos for cohesive artistry.


Add Detail


Adding detail and texture inside a landscape photo can soften the overall effect by creating unexpected details that create a pleasing overall look to the image.


Adding dimension and changing your perspective can be used to enhance your lakes.


If you pan the photograph from left to right, you can see areas of the lakes where the water remains static as the image moves in my photo above.


The camera and lens might not be best for this technique, but if you have access to a dedicated macro lens, this miniature diorama will bring out.


Aside from adding depth to a photo, adding tiny details in order to make lighter areas of a photograph appear darker can also give photojournalism a professional shot.


Use a Fisheye to Create Lift


In landscapes the addition of depth through the use of a fisheye lens can create great depth in your image. The key is working in the field and not looking at the image, this way you can reap the benefits of being exposed to the background as well.


Lift can be achieved by using your camera’s wide aperature lens.


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The Fisheye lens is what we use in most of our photography forms. With the Fisheye lens we can shoot landscapes, animals, architecture, crane and rigging, people, or anything of interest in a sharply defined landscape photograph. Do you think you can find a master of the Fisheye shot? Learn how to produce creative landscapes using the Fisheye lens with this post on Fisheye photography.


What is an fisheye lens? 


Continuing on with using a new color palette even in landscape photography can create high-quality images. Increasing the contrast of your scene by choosing a greener magenta application palette before even thinking about a macro lens makes visuals richer and more compelling.


A great example of this technique in landscapes is the one below. The sky in this photograph is different and contrasting, and creates an interesting and exciting look in the scene. A color palette made out of magenta does the same thing.


This example from Ian Osborn’s website is just one more that illustrates the usefulness of this technique. Using a saturation controlled aperature correct tonal range approach, he gives our white light backgrounds a cool palette of magenta and lilac tones, giving the image a rich yet unique look.


I hope this tutorial helps you produce well-balanced landscape photos and inspires you to try a different method of quick and fun lake photography.